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The Ethics of AI 2019 Wrap Up + More!

August 2019 | Yolanda Sam

In this issue:

  • Ethics of AI 2019 - Wrap up + win a copy of Ellen Broad's book!
  • Connect with the AICN Community
  • Data Collaboration Update - Working with the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia
  • Get involved with our Data & AI Tech Meetup

What a line up! From left to right: Daniel Kiley, Mor Vered, Ellen Broad, Nick Lothian, Caroline McMillen, Yolanda Sam, Niels Wouters, Terry Sweeney and Andy Stapleton

Ethics of AI 2019 - Wrap Up

On August 15th, The AI Collaborative Network (AICN) celebrated National Science Week with a multi-city event on the Ethics of A.I 2019 in Adelaide, with screenings in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Brisbane and an online live stream reaching over 700 people across Australia!

What an evening, with the Chief Scientist for South Australia Caroline McMillen opening the evening; Ellen Broad delivering a keynote on the Ethics of AI; Mor Veredspeaking about Human-Centered Explainable AI; a live demo of the Biometric Mirror with Niels Wouters, followed by a thought-provoking panel discussion led by the dynamic Andy Stapleton, with Ellen, Mor, Daniel Kiley and Terry Sweeney taking questions from all around Australia such as:

  • Is AI coming for my job?
  • How do we balance protecting the public from crime and protecting people’s privacy?
  • Is the law keeping up with developments in AI? Are we ready for regulations and do we need to consider international treaties?

For those that missed it, we have made a full recording and presentation slides available here!

We are incredibly thankful to all of our sponsors, organisers, volunteers and speakers from all around Australia - full acknowledgement of all involved in this Twitter thread.

Win a copy of Ellen Broad's "Made By Humans: The AI Condition"

Did you attend the Ethics of A.I. 2019 or tune into the live stream?

We appreciate and value all feedback - if you’d like to let us know your thoughts on the event and presentations, consider filling out this short survey! You'll go in the draw to win 1 of 3 copies of Ellen Broad's book Made By Humans: The AI Condition! Entries close 5pm 31 August 2019

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Data Collaboration Update

The Data Collaboration Working Group is a group of data and AI practitioners, designers and analysts coming together to use AI for social good. We have been working with the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia to make better use of their data to tackle maternal and new born mortality in developing countries. Join the #data-collab channel to find out more, participate, or lead a group.

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