Dr Grant Osborne

Chief Technology Officer - Gamurs Pty Ltd

On December 6th, 2018, Grant will be presenting on "GamerAI: Building an AI assistant for esports teams and enthusiast players" at #AICollaborative Vol. 2 in Adelaide, South Australia.


Dr Grant Osborne is the CTO of Gamurs Group. He is working with a world class team to build tooling for esports players and coaches. He and his team are developing cutting edge computer vision technologies; as well as utilising statistical machine learning approaches to solve complex problems in player and team information tracking.

Grant was previously a Solution Architect at the Data to Decisions CRC in Adelaide. Here he gained experience building large scale textual analytics systems using technologies such as Kafka, Hadoop, Parquet and Spark. The data pipelines he and his team have developed use natural language processing and automatic pattern recognition to extract predictive signals (including temporal and geographical components) from social media data.

GamerAI: Building an AI assistant for eSports teams and enthusiast players

eSports (or professional gaming) is a rapidly growing industry, with tournament viewership already surpassing traditional sport broadcasting. By 2020, the eSports industry is estimated to be worth US$1.4 billion. As the industry becomes more competitive, GamerAI will equip eSports players and teams with insights and strategies to maximise their chances of winning every competitive match they play.

The GamerAI team are developing AI tools that can break down game footage into a log of events or actions which are then compared to match outcomes. The GamerAI team is working directly with esports teams to measure performance and validate this technology.

This talk will discuss the challenges faced by eSports teams, the technology being developed to solve these problems, and a demo of GamerAI in action.

Register to see Grant's presentation on December 6th, 2018 here.