Jordan Gruber

Founder and CEO - Frontier Microscopy

SA Young Achiever of the Year for 2018

On December 6th, 2018, Jordan will be presenting on "Automating microscopy for better environmental monitoring" at #AICollaborative Vol. 2 in Adelaide, South Australia.


Jordan Gruber is a Mechatronic Engineer, Founder/CEO of Frontier Microscopy, and Channel 9 South Australian Young Achiever of the Year for 2018. As CEO of Frontier Microscopy, Jordan is passionate about applying his expertise to improve laboratory efficiency, accelerate scientific discovery, and to ultimately save lives. He is alumni of both the SouthStart and Startmate accelerator programs, has raised significant angel investment money out of Adelaide, and is currently based out of the ThincLab incubator.

Automating microscopy for better environmental monitoring

Frontier Microscopy’s mission is to accelerate scientific discovery by equipping scientists with intuitive tools to simply automate any microscope analyses.

Scientists equipped with Frontier’s inexpensive microscope hardware will use their cloud-based automation software. This software allows scientists to configure how microscope samples are scanned and to control how the images from these scans are analysed by image processing and deep learning techniques.

Jordan will be presenting Marvin, the first automated microscope product built on this platform and discussing the underlying technology. Marvin is paranoid about asbestos, he is able to perform analysis of air filter samples from asbestos air monitoring jobs 10x faster, and up to 50x higher volume than a human analyst of equivalent skill.

Register to see Jordan's presentation on December 6th, 2018 here.